Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Adventure Awaits

For quite some time I went back and forth on how I wanted to decorate Max’s next stage bedroom. Even though he is still a toddler, I didn’t want to go with something too ‘toddler-ish’ knowing in a couple years I would likely want to update it again. After finding a mural on Pinterest that was used in a nursery I fell in love and my creative juices started flowing from that point on.

I was in a very motivated mood a couple of months ago and tackled the mural behind his bed. I only needed painter’s tape and a very steady hand for the rolling rocks at the bottom to get the look. I ordered gold triangle decals from Etsy which act as the stars. I went back and forth on whether to add these, but in the end I was glad I did as they gave the wall more vibrancy. The other three walls were painted the same colour as the mountain tips. 

A good friend of mine who knew the direction I was going in sent the airplane to Max for his birthday as a decoration for his new big boy room. I immediately pictured it being hung from the ceiling and dive bombing into the room. My dad, of course, made this happen with fishing wire :)

I then moved over his ‘M’ from his nursery. Initially I had planned on spray painting it, but after the entire room was painted I decided the bronze fits in well.

I searched for a bed frame for a long time. They just don’t make them like they used to when we were kids. I wanted something wood and very basic. I found what I was looking for at, of course, our local thrift store…  for $12!! I painted the head and foot board the same colour of the mountains. I found a globe pillow at Home Sense (insert happy dance in the store isle… or at least in my head), airplane bed sheets at Target and a blue bedspread to resemble water, which was purchased from Sears. All of which were reasonably priced. I did learn though in my searches how freaking pricey children’s bedding can be if you are willing to shell out the cash… yikes. Twin mattress from Sleep Country on sale and water proof mattress pad cover (a necessity) from Wal-mart.

I found a world map from Wal-mart back in the fall when school supplies filled the store, and my dad so graciously mounded it for me with a frame and trim.

My friend’s dad who has become my personal wood worker made the neatest airplane shelf for Max, that will be hung beside the world map. We have not gotten around to hanging it yet, but I will post a picture of it on instagram once it is up and some little trinkets have been put on it J

You know I love a good reading corner. In the one corner of the room is my mom’s old wooden red chair form her childhood and a wooden box on wheels filled with our bedtime favs (found at Homesense). I used an M stencil on the front to make it more personalized. Hanging above that is the car mirror I made from a cheapy mirror from Jysk and about 30-40 cars I scooped from my husband’s uncle’s flea market store for $10. I LOVE how this turned out.
RED alert- when you buy a cheap mirror, make sure the mirror part is clear. It was not until I finished the bloody thing and hung it and stood back that I realized it had a wonky line down the middle making your reflection look somewhat like it does in those mirrors at the carnival… just my luck. The piece as a whole still looks cool though ;)

Looking into the room from the hallway the picture on the wall and the wooden cubbies are from target. Have you seen their new Pillowfort line!? Let me tell you, it is very dangerous. Everything is absolutely adorable. If they had this line at the start of the year I would have struggled even more in picking a theme. They make it so easy to assemble the perfect themed room… dinosaurs, astronauts, sea creatures, you name it.. the possibilities are endless. Total eye candy :)

The dressers in Max’s nursery were taken from a flea market and the side of the road. While they totally did the trick for the first couple of years (don’t worry they had been disinfected to the max and re-painted) it was time to move up. We bought a new dresser for each of the boy’s rooms from the Brick. I think the dresser fits in perfect with the room and the look. We got them on sale for $300 e/… not too bad, and they are nice quality. 

I have learned from the past, when we first moved into our home, to take my time and not buy too quickly. There are a few things that I have donated in the last while after looking at them and thinking ‘what was I thinking!?’ I just didn’t know what my style was at that point six years ago when we first moved in. So, while I am eager to buy more for the room, I am being careful to not buy too quickly and then end up regretting my decisions. I would still like to add a rug beside the bed. I just have no idea what it should look like. I also have space to add some other little play area or something in the room. For now given his age, it is likely best to have the bare minimum in the room; less the little monkey can get into should he decide to wake up and wreak havoc while we are sleeping. I have bought a set of airplane hooks from Target, but I am still deciding where to hang them. One will likely go underneath the picture just inside the door. They look somewhat yellowish in this picture but they are silver in colour. I will likely spray paint them something else to warm them up a little.

Since my belly currently fits in with the room’s theme perfectly as it shoots out like a rocket, the timing for this room to be ready was perfect as it was becoming more and more of a struggle sitting Max on my lap in our rocker for bed time stories. One of my fav parts of the day now is lowering his one bedrail and lying beside him to read him a mountain of bedtime stories before tucking him in. He transitioned to his big boy bed and new room flawlessly; he is the epitome of superstar. I may be a tad bias though ;)

Stay tuned for a little tour of Max’s nursery, which also was given a facelift to make a special space for the new little man who will be entering our lives in the next few weeks J

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~ K

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Four pairs of feet

Sharing a few of my favourite maternity pictures we had taken at home this past weekend by my husband's very talented uncle. I had mentioned on Instagram today after posting this first photo, I had an "oh my gosh" moment when I first saw the picture. To see four sets of feet is very unreal to me still. Even though it has only been two short years since Max was born, I am so used to our family of three it is hard to imagine being a family of four. I am so excited though, to see what this little baby boy looks like in comparison to his brother and to learn what his personality will be like. I am also eager to see how Max responds to our growing family. Max is so settled in our home, it is his favourite place to be in the whole world. He is very particular about where things are in our home, instantly noticing when something has been added, so it should be interesting to see his reaction when we add a little babe to our home. It is an exciting time for sure, but at the same time a nerve wracking one :) We have six weeks to go! Although, I do not think my stomach can grow much larger. Yikes!!

~ K