Friday, 31 July 2015

Sweet summertime

I am just finishing up the last days of my two week summer vaca. I wanted to write a post about it because we have had so much fun and I want to remember everything we did together. For a moment it felt like I was back on mat leave.. what a tease!! It has been so nice to have full, consecutive days with my little guy, and boy did we make the most of those days. My husband was even able to get one of the weeks off so we were together for a whole week! 

We visited the beach where we splashed in the waves, the zoo where we played in a ball pit and saw so many different animals, we visited the splash pad a bazillion times and thought it was funny to sit and step on the water spouts, we ate homemade popsicles, we went to our favourite drop in center and participated in “water day” with many other little ones, we tried new yummy recipes, we finished the playroom and had our first guest over to play, we wore our rubber boots to lunchtime and mowed the cement with our lawnmower, we took a ferry to the US for some yummy nachos, we had three hour naps every single day (little man, not mommy), we had family visit on two occasions, and we went on countless wagon/stroller/trike rides. Today we had Max's last round of immunizations followed by a play date and picnic with some very sweet and cute second cousins! :)

A few fun photos taken from the past two weeks..

WOW what fun!! It will be so hard to go back and get back into the swing of things, but such is life I suppose. So here is to the best two weeks we have had in many months! Living for the next vacation :)

What are you doing for fun with your littles this summer??


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Mud pies in the sun-day (dunk me in the tub please for brown kid tea!)

I am a lucky girl. My friends have many talents. I have a friend who makes the most adorable baby moccasins, a friend who is an amazing sewer and has made my son a number of beautiful items for his nursery, a friend who is a fantastic photographer and captured very special photos of my family last fall, and most recently a friend who is so incredibly artistic and started making story stones.

My friend E for some time has collected interesting and pretty rocks from the beach. She has found a number of heart shaped rocks which she has framed and made into beautiful pieces of artwork for the walls in her home. 

A short time ago she posted some “story stones” on her Instagram. Holy hidden talent. For real. I had one of those “you could totally sell those” moments. 

At the time our favourite book to read was Kid Tea by Elizabeth Ficocelli. Our favourite page is the painting page where it says “blobs of yellow, shake like jello” at which point we shake our heads back and forth. It is always good for a cute little boy giggle :) So when E offered to make a set of story stones to go along with one of Max’s favourite books, Kid Tea immediately came to mind.

We received our set of story stones this week and all I can say is wow. How cool are these right!? Not only does Max have a special set of stones to go along with a favourite book, but these are so educational; teaching him words, colours and sequence. Love, love, LOVE!!

(these are only about 1/3rd of the rocks E made for us).

Thanks E. You are the best.

We are now in full vacation mode in our home... complete with afternoon mother-son naps today.. Lovely :) We have a whole two weeks of summer fun ahead of us!
Happy weekend!


Monday, 6 July 2015

I love a good theme

 This weekend we celebrated my nephew's fourth birthday. My sister-in-law always does it up right with awesome themes and decorations galore.. a girl after my heart :) She is a teacher to boot so she always has super creative ideas!

My nephew is at the age where he is starting to become interested in LEGO so the theme 'Turning 4 is Awesome' was a prefect fit. 

There was personalized LEGO art everywhere, along with fun 2D banners. The kiddie's lunch consisted LEGO shaped cucumbers, PB and Jelly Sandwhiches and cheese and crackers. So cute and fun! The birthday boy helped make his birthday Brownies and after the kiddos went to bed we decorated the brownies with dyed icing and m&ms. My sister-in-law bought LEGO men decal faces off of Etsy and we put these on balloons, cups, and snack bowls. An easy detail and really added to the decorations!
A perfect theme for kids this age and lots of neat ideas that you can make from supplies you have around the home. 

In other news. Max has had some more 'firsts' this past week. He found a wheel bigger than him, he had his first hair cut and took it like a champ. He went into the water finally at the splash pad, after many visits of just looking at the water from the perimeter, and he had his first freezie tonight while sitting on the front porch bench like a big boy :) He is such a toddler now! Happy 1 1/2 years today big boy! :)

In two weeks from now we have two weeks of vacation!!! We are looking forward to visiting family, going to the zoo, picnics and trips to the beach! We love summer! :)