Monday, 15 February 2016

Love Day 2016

We have had so much fun celebrating Valentine's day (more like month for us). We kicked off February by making some new artwork to add to our V-Day decorations. It was super easy, I just cut up small pieces of tissue and fastened strips of clear tape across a matte from an old picture frame (you are to use contact paper, but I did not feel like spending the $). 

Max also painted red hearts on a piece of white card stock I had cut into a heart, using a empty toilet paper roll that had been shaped into a heart. I took this idea from Pinterest.. you can easily look it up.  It turned out pretty cute too.

I love having a fun activity or snack set up for Max when he wakes up from his afternoon nap. He is very particular about where everything goes in his environment, like his mama everything has it's place, and so he very quickly notices when anything is new or added in our home. The afternoon I put up our Valentines decorations he must have pointed and said "heart" about fifty times in ten minutes. Too cute.

Friday Max celebrated V-Day at daycare. He wore his festive shirt (see below) and gave strawberry applesauce squeeze packs to his four little friends there. Idea taken from Pinterest.. once again my scalloped paper punch saves the day!

For lunch the day before, because let's be honest we celebrate holidays for more than just the day it falls on, we had heart shaped cucumber, PB & J sandwiches and pink smoothies with festive paper straws.

On Valentine's Day we kicked off our morning with a tray of red fruit for breakfast. Max ate the raspberries and decided he wanted a banana instead so I finished off the watermelon and apple slices.

For his little treat I found a Valentine's monkey from the dollarstore (Max is currently loving Curious George, an Elmo colouring book with stickers, and Valentine's smarties. Let me tell you, he was SO excited for this gift. I put it on the living chair while he was still eating breakfast and as soon as he locked his eyes on it be yelled "out" meaning he wanted our of his booster seat asap. He was pretty pleased with his present, and I'm sure the fact that he got to eat smarties at 8am. It was Valentine's Day after all :)

We ended the day with cupcakes. Likely the highlight of his day. I believe I saw him lick his plate when he had managed to eat every crumb on his plate ;)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and for my fellow Canadians, enjoyed spending Family Day with your loved ones today. My husband had to work so Max and I took a trip to Winners to get out of the house. We scored on adorable new running shoes for Max for the spring and a few new Easter decorations.. I can't help myself :)

~ K