Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Everything Easter

Nerd alert...I truly wish I my job was filling Easter baskets for boys and girls of all ages.. all.. day.. long. I love it. I love choosing new items that he is ready for developmentally, I love picking out fun things that are going to catch his eye and elicit that "I'm so excited" look on his face, and I love arranging the items in the basket just so, so that that everything has a place and can be easily seen. 

Max's 2 year old Easter basket

New kicks! This little boy's feet are growing like weeds and the pair he had last summer/fall are getting a tad snug! ~ from Winners

Minion eggs! You can buy these in the store, but since I had a sharpie, a random stash of googly eyes and some plastic eggs lying around, why not make a few homemade one! If you have the time and resources to do this, the homemade ones are so much cuter :)

A kite!! We are constantly reading books over here and a lot of the books Max is drawn to lately seem to all have kites in the background. here is hoping for one or two perfect windy days this spring/summer so we can go into our back field and test it out. With Max's current obsession being to identify every colour he sees, this one is the perfect fit for him! ~ from Amazon

CHOCOLATE! Max's fav. is Smarties so the Spring tin of individual mini boxes was an easy decision among the mountain of options, and of course every little person needs some sort of choco bunny in their basket :)

I still love the plastic carrots I found last year. I saw them again this year at the bulk barn. A cute variation to the plastic egg. These will be filled with PC whole wheat penguin crackers.  

Sidewalk chalk. This is the first time we will be trying this outside. I think he finally has the patience, or will at least by the summer months to help me create a messy masterpiece on our driveway.

Bubble wand. This is a staple that he will likely find in his basket for the next few years. He loves them.

Melissa and Doug reuseable sticker pad. With five different scenes this book is perfect for my little sticker lover. He can arrange the scenes over and over, and his OCD mama will continue to take the stickers off the scene and put them back on the sticker sheet for him to play again the next day, and the next day, and the next. Max has the vehicle version right now. He received it as a gift at his 2nd birthday. He loved it so much I chose the animal one for his basket. There are a few other versions too so you can choose whatever your little one is interested in!

Stegosaurus umbrella. This is ADORABLE. I can't wait for us to go singing in the rain with this super cute little person umbrella. ~ from Target

Nesting buckets. They are colourful, are numbered and will be perfect for the sandbox that we are (likely) going to buy Max for the summertime ~ from Amazon

I have not purchased this yet as it is not on sale and likely will be in weeks to come, but this may or may not be beside Max's basket Easter morning as well. It is supposed to be a nice weekend weather-wise so we will be sending lots of time outside if that happens. 

This weekend we are gearing up for a small and easy Easter egg hunt, reading our favourite Easter books on repeat, eating fruit in colour coded plastic eggs, and playing many rounds of bunny toss (a game I found on Pinterest and was able to make with leftover felt, a hot glue gun, rice, a large piece of cardboard and black paint) and hopping bunnies, a game Max's super fun Aunt bought for him from the dollarstore. It has also been a very good "mom's getting dinner on the table and I need you to sit still in your booster seat distraction." He loves this little game and there are always a ton of giggles when one of us gets dinged off the head ;)

(image taken from Little Baby Garvin Blog)

Easter crafts have been covered by daycare. Max came home this week with three different festive hand/foot Easter artwork. Here is my fav.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter! Have so much fun with your little ones egg hunting and chocolate eating the weekend away!

~ K