Thursday, 3 December 2015

Stuffin' the stocking!

Finding little trinkets to fill Max's stocking was so much fun this year. It is SO easy to fill a little one's sock! I tried hard to find items that are perfect for his age so he could have fun with them now and not have to wait until he is older. I thought I would share what Max will be finding in his stocking this Christmas morning in case you are finding it difficult to think of ideas for your little one.

I have felt lately like I am a totally lame bath time mom, as Max always seems bored at bath time. So for Christmas, I tried to find some new and fun activities for Max to do during bath time. Boon has a "Water Bug" game that comes with a cute scoop and three bugs, and Munchkin has bath crayons. Fingers crossed these do not stain our tub. 

Up until now I have just been using water to brush Max's teeth, so I figured it was time for him to have some fun toddler toothpaste. Not cheap, but it will likely last a long time. 

A barrel of Monkeys!!! Rememba these!? I loved mine. I can totally already see Max carefully linking the moneys together as I hold the chain for him. 

Crayola finger paints. I have not taken on the challenge of painting with a toddler yet. Wish me luck. 

Chocolate! Our traditional marshmellow bar that I have received in my stocking since I was a little girl, and a Santa Kinder egg, because the child loves "ho ho" and chocolate. 

Yesterday I went to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and picked up the cutest hand painted wooden matching game for Max. There are four other matches as well, but these are my favs :)

And there you have it! I can't wait for those cute little hands to dig through his stock and discover his treats. The chocolate will be going at the bottom or else it might be game over once those are discovered ;)

In other festive news, celebrating the holidays has been so fun so far. Max went to his first parade and he loved it! He waved to Santa and was memorized by the lights and sounds of the floats. We put up a few Christmas lights along our porch and brought good old Frosty out of his box :) Max greets him each evening when we get home from work/daycare. We have been watching the old school Frosty the Snowman movie every morning at 6:30 in the bloody morning (yawn) and I also made a felt tree for Max that we can use for years to come. I also made a snowman to attach to a basic grapevine wreath for our front door. I used white denim and found a simple tutorial online explaining how to make fabric roses.

Next weekend we are taking Max to see Santa, and the following week we celebrate Christmas with my family up north. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday traditions and festivities with their families as much as we are! 

~ K