Sunday, 29 May 2016

Welcome home Mason

We are officially a family of four (or six if you include the pets)! Mason is two weeks old already! He is the sweetest little peanut, more petite than Max and so very chill. Diaper changes and baths are the only thing he currently protests. He is a crazy night time sleeper.. sleeping about 5-6 hours when he first goes down, and then a couple more hours after his feeding between 4-5:30ish. I know this is likely to not last, but I am loving not feeling the need to nap during the day for the time being.. especially since I honestly don’t know how I would ever try to nap with having the babe and a toddler to care for and a gazillion other things to do every day. We are so lucky to have Mason here with us and I am loving every second of him as well as being home with my boys :)

We have been out a few times, twice to the drop-in center (I had helpers both times) and to the park once (again with a helper), and a few doctor’s appointments.  I also took Mason to Walmart and Giant Tiger with me to shop for some cheapy tops, since my maternity clothes are way to baggy, yet my normal clothes are still much too tight. I struck out at Wal-mart and was super frustrated and a little down, but found a couple of loose work out tops and GT and they have been my go-tos for the past week. This morning, I was feeling extra confident and took Max for a wagon ride while walking our pup AND wearing Mason in my carrier… and I NAILED it :) We were gone about 45 minutes and everyone enjoyed the fresh morning air.

So without further ado, welcome to Mason’s nursery :) Originally I did not think I would change or style this room differently after moving Max to his new bog boy room. I felt like I had “done the boy nursery” so to say and I was more focused on Max’s new space. But in the end I decided that the new little man in our lives needed his own special space, and my taste has changed a bit since two years ago. This time around the space is much more minimalist in nature. With Max I had a lot more decorations and little trinkets lets say. This space has the bare minimum and I wouldn’t have it any other way.. I love it! 

I have been loving foxes lately, and while I had not planned on having a theme, those sneaky little foxes somehow found their way in the room ;) I chose a light grey for the walls, with orange and teals as the accent colours. I had a friend sew me a new cover for a chair cushion (after my pregnancy with this little one, and continuing to read books to Max at bedtime in this chair up until the 7th month the cushion had become mayyyybe 1cm in thickness…lol.. can you say heavy load!?). 

Max had a pom pom garland hanging above his change table and he loved loved loved staring at it from a very young age, so I bought a tissue paper tassel garland for this little peanut and matched the colours on the prints above the crib to the tissue colours.

I said goodbye to my side of the road and kijiji dressers and bought the dresser that matches Max’s new dresser in his new room. I LOVE these dressers.. they look rustic yet are much more functional (being new) compared to the dressers I was using. I fought daily with my cheapy/free finds I used in Max’s nursery, opening and closing the drawers and having them catch every time had become pretty annoying. 

While Mason is still sleeping in our room I still change him in his nursery and I also do his early am feed in our rocker. With the window open a crack and the fresh air coming in, and the birds starting to sing as the sun is coming up it is a very peaceful moment for Mason and I, where we get to have some alone time in the midst of our busy home during the day .. enter Max trying to climb on my back as I feed Mason on the couch or trying to fit a soother into his mouth while I explain to him he is nursing and cannot take the soother at that moment. Lol

Life has become much more busy and at times much more frustrating as I am learning to not feel constant guilt about one little boy lacking attention from me when the other has my focus. However, at the same time it feels as though Mason was always meant to be here with us, and thinking about it just being the three of us already seems so long ago and incomplete.. because watching these brothers together gives me a warm, goosebump, starburst kind of feeling :) I have two sweet boys.. I am so lucky.

~ K