Sunday, 24 May 2015

Our weekend recap

I typically don't share all of the details from our personal lives, but this weekend was such a nice weekend that I wanted to do a recap.

We were expecting family on Saturday but due to our nephew getting a nasty bug, our visit was cancelled. We face timed on Sunday morning instead so the cousins could see each other :)

 I had a three day weekend which is always nice. Friday morning Max became Picasso and made this masterpiece for the playroom gallery wall. We used dots a paint and covered the canvas with saran wrap for him to squish. 

In the early afternoon Max and I had a long overdue play date with my friend and her adooorable sweet baby girl, and then we took our pup Charlie for his annual check up.

We then went to Wal-mart where I picked up these gems (adorable popsicle floaty), and the kindest gentleman followed us all the back to our vehicle to give us Max's rubber boot he blew somewhere along the way. Funny thing though, I'm one of those who comes out of a store and NEVER remembers where I parked, so I'm pretty sure the man followed us as we zigzagged through rows of cars and from one end of the parking lot to the other. Friday night I finally got to watch the lastest episode of Game of Thrones. My husband had given up on me and watched it by himself earlier in the week, but he was good enough to watch it again with me :)

Saturday morning we went to parent and tot swim. It was daddy's turn this week and they had so much fun. We then stopped by the farmer's market for some fruit and veggies, and from there we headed to a family birthday party where one of my husband's cousin's children turned one! The theme was rainbow and it was adorable :) You all know I love a good theme ;)

Saturday afternoon hubs headed to work, and Max and I headed to a friend's for the afternoon. Max climbed a small plastic outdoor jungle gym and went down the slide by himself a gazillion times while I sat on the patio. It was hilarious to watch him do it all by himself. He flew down the slide, and loved it.

Sunday morning Max, Charlie and I went for an early morning wagon walk. That is by far my favourite time of the day to go for a walk with the boys.. when it is quiet out and there is a slight breeze. By the end of the walk I was carrying a pinwheel, plastic shovel, one croc and the dog's leash in one hand and the handle of the wagon in the other. This was due to thes items going airborne constantly out of the wagon. I think we back tracked about five times to pick up overboard items that I did not initially see. Ugh.

In the afternoon Max and daddy played outside while I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with a few of my girlfriends, including a friend who is expecting her first baby in September and is making carrying a baby look fabulous. The movie was too funny, and I definitely recommend it!

I hope everyone had as nice of weekend as we did :) Now back to the grind. Boo.

~ K

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Say cheese!

When I was little, one of my favourite past times was looking through our family's photo albums that my mom kept updated with fun times we had and special events. Even today, I could sit and look through our online albums for hours. I'm totally part of the club that sits and looks at pictures and watches videos of my little guy after he goes down at night. I just can't get enough. I love looking back at last years photos, thinking "this same time last year, this is how he looked!..." We are so lucky to have him :)

There are so many fun ideas out there for taking pictures with your kiddos. Last summer while we were outside enjoying a sunny warm day I snapped this picture of my son playing in his exersaucer. I love this picture so much I ended up framing it in our home. I have received comments about not being able to see his face in the picture, but to me that's what makes the picture. Without being able to see his face, your eyes are drawn to other aspects. Like his sweet chubby hands :)

This past weekend we brought out a new water table with Max. I had originally planned on getting him a sand box, but after much consideration, and visions of hand in every crevice of my home and Max's body, I decided to wait until next year when he is able to follow direction a bit better ;)

Max LOVES his water table, and eventually after about fifteen minutes of solid play with it, he took out all of the toys and climbed right in. I should have known he would do this. So a year later, here is the second faceless picture to my series of Max playing on our back deck. He is taller, and while those hands still have some extra chub to them, they are definitely not as juicy as they were last year.

What pictures do you love taking of your littles?? Do you have a specific picture you take every year to mark their growth or changes?

Completely unrelated side note- check out the super cute print I bought for the playroom gallery wall. I think it's hilarious.

~ K

Monday, 4 May 2015

Max TM 16 months!

Max is 16 months this Wednesday. His first birthday party theme truly was the most perfect theme.. as time continues to fly. 

The other day I had a conversation with a friend about the way we assign our little one's ages to them. In the second year of life we tend to cling to the word "months." I suppose at this point I could easily round up and tell people who ask, that Max is 1 1/2 years old. I mean two months from now will be here in the blink of an eye at the rate it's been going since he was born! But there is just something about using the word months that lets us cling to that last bit of idea that your quickly growing toddler is still a baby. Who are we kidding thought, let's be real... they will always be our babies :) So in short, I will be THAT mom who tells you my child is 23 months ;)

Everyday we look at Max and think he looks older than he did the day before. As the older gentleman who lives next door tells us every single time we see him often "he's really coming along!" insert broken record. 

The other morning as I was carrying Max downstairs after taking him out of his crib he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED. Best.moment.ever. This child is going to grow up thinking any miniscule task he accomplishes is comparative to winning an Olympic gold medal, because seriously, we lose our minds cheering and clapping at everything he does. OMG did you see him walk backwards (clapping and cheering), I think he said squirrel (more clapping and cheering), guess what I asked him to kick his feet AND HE DID!!! (crying and clapping and cheering). It is a very good thing there are not cameras in our home. 

Max also has mastered the two puzzle he owns. I'm pretty sure this skill was taught/learned/conquered at daycare, since he does not pay enough attention to his puzzles here to have mastered them. But since he is used to doing puzzles at daycare he caught on quickly to his at home. I still want to buy him the Melissa and Doug latch puzzle. I think he would be really interested in figuring it out. 

Max also has an obsession with carrying his toys around as opposed to playing with them. He will carry his bag of Lego around until he trips, a few pieces fall out, he picks them up and puts them back in the bag and continues walking around the basement until it happens again. He also likes shutting doors, parent and tot swim time, and pushing his popper toy for the dog to chase him. He is one busy little boy. 

Outside Max likes to walk around and look at the wheels on people's cars. Picking up rocks is also a fav., oh and also trying to climb up slides, which caused the largest meltdown in our town's history when we decided to leave to the park after taking him off of the slide fifty times. He loves to climb.

Meal time is hit or miss. Some days I will make him what I think are the yummiest meals with all four food groups, and it will end up on the floor in a matter of minutes. Other days he will clean his plate. Meal time some days is definately a source of frustration and dare I say annoyance.

I also find myself constantly going through items in his room and packing up baby items that there are no longer a need for. With this, I find myself starting to dream up the style of his next bedroom. I have looking at lots of barn board headboards and  metal pipe shelving. Like his nursery was, there will more of a vibe then there will be a theme, if that makes any sense at all. Hmmm.. I feel another idea for a post coming on :)

Take care everyone!

~ K