Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Say cheese!

When I was little, one of my favourite past times was looking through our family's photo albums that my mom kept updated with fun times we had and special events. Even today, I could sit and look through our online albums for hours. I'm totally part of the club that sits and looks at pictures and watches videos of my little guy after he goes down at night. I just can't get enough. I love looking back at last years photos, thinking "this same time last year, this is how he looked!..." We are so lucky to have him :)

There are so many fun ideas out there for taking pictures with your kiddos. Last summer while we were outside enjoying a sunny warm day I snapped this picture of my son playing in his exersaucer. I love this picture so much I ended up framing it in our home. I have received comments about not being able to see his face in the picture, but to me that's what makes the picture. Without being able to see his face, your eyes are drawn to other aspects. Like his sweet chubby hands :)

This past weekend we brought out a new water table with Max. I had originally planned on getting him a sand box, but after much consideration, and visions of hand in every crevice of my home and Max's body, I decided to wait until next year when he is able to follow direction a bit better ;)

Max LOVES his water table, and eventually after about fifteen minutes of solid play with it, he took out all of the toys and climbed right in. I should have known he would do this. So a year later, here is the second faceless picture to my series of Max playing on our back deck. He is taller, and while those hands still have some extra chub to them, they are definitely not as juicy as they were last year.

What pictures do you love taking of your littles?? Do you have a specific picture you take every year to mark their growth or changes?

Completely unrelated side note- check out the super cute print I bought for the playroom gallery wall. I think it's hilarious.

~ K

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