Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grateful for carousel rides and floating shelves

This past weekend was one with feelings of accomplishment! Max went on his first midway rides at a local fall fair, something I have always been excited for...


 we hung our new floating shelves! One of my good friends has a very talented father who can pretty much make anything you ask him too, and he is so meticulous, so his final products are always beautiful. Last year he made us our dining room farm table which we love so much. 

For some time I have pinning variations of the Shanty 2 Chic floating shelves. I love the rustic, clean look of the shelves sans any type of bracket, and I have so many special items that I have been wanting to display. Let's see, there's my Grandmother's sixty year old sifter, cake pans and pie rack, a very special hand written recipe from an elderly neighbour from the neighbourhod where I grew up, and my fancy new metal measuring cups my mama treated me too in the summer. These items are on the kitchen shelf, and then for the dining shelf I displayed some of my favourite dishes; mainly white, metal and glass for a clean look. 

Here is the link to the step-by-step instructions. Again, I did not make these myself, but it seems as though so many people have tried their hand at them and so if you have the right tools (which I do not) don't be scared to take on this project yourself! 

SO pretty! :) Excuse the grainy photos I took the photos at night

I hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend spending time with loved ones.. and to all my American friends, I am thankful for you reading my blog ;)

Have a great week everyone!

~ K