Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Best of "Friends"

Last night I had a small group of close girlfriends over. It seems whenever we are together, quotes from FRIENDS are thrown around (followed by an eruptions of laughs). So I thought it would be fun to host a friends marathon night to watch our favourite episodes, and of course since it Fall we had to have festive treats :)

To start we made caramel apples. I bought way too many caramels. 2 cups would have been plenty for five apples. I purchased the sticks and toppings at bulkbarn. I added a little bit of milk to the caramels while they melted, about 1/4 cup, and I used low-medium heat. We found that dipping the apples in the toppings worked better then trying to the sprinkles toppings on, since the caramel set quite quickly. I refrigerated the apples and sent them home with the girls wrapped in wax paper. Caramel apples for breakfast?? Yes please!

While I put the babe to bed, the girls enjoyed pumpkin lattes. Since I am currently without a coffee pot (there was a messy coffee pot shattering situation a month or so ago) I relied on Tims to provide the coffee for the base. So these were premium lattes ;)

How did they turn out?? AMAZING. so amazing I gave up my one cup of coffee limit and treated myself to a second. Oh, and of a dollop of whip cream for effect.
Here is the recipe link. I will definitely be making these again next season. y.u.m.

The rest of the 'sweets' menu included pumpkin fluff with gingersnap cookies, ghost cupcakes (white icing with choc. chip eyes) in fun spider holders from Dollarama (I may have done an internal happy dance when I saw them on the shelf) and pumpkin/ghost chocolate pretzels.

It was so nice to get together with the girls. I find that now that we are older with husbands/boyfriends/babies/jobs, etc. we don't have the same 'hang outs' we used too together. I think it's important to have these light-hearted, stress-free girl's nights to re-connect, have some laughs and enjoy some comfort food. Good for the soul :)

Now I am looking forward to a visit to the pumpkin patch, celebrating M's first Halloween, and an Alice in Wonderland themed 1st birthday for my niece. Thanks for checking out my first post!!


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  1. Love it! I want to be invited to your next girls night... Looking forward to all of your future post... Let's do a craft night so you can post a craft ;) Love xo