Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Four pairs of feet

Sharing a few of my favourite maternity pictures we had taken at home this past weekend by my husband's very talented uncle. I had mentioned on Instagram today after posting this first photo, I had an "oh my gosh" moment when I first saw the picture. To see four sets of feet is very unreal to me still. Even though it has only been two short years since Max was born, I am so used to our family of three it is hard to imagine being a family of four. I am so excited though, to see what this little baby boy looks like in comparison to his brother and to learn what his personality will be like. I am also eager to see how Max responds to our growing family. Max is so settled in our home, it is his favourite place to be in the whole world. He is very particular about where things are in our home, instantly noticing when something has been added, so it should be interesting to see his reaction when we add a little babe to our home. It is an exciting time for sure, but at the same time a nerve wracking one :) We have six weeks to go! Although, I do not think my stomach can grow much larger. Yikes!!

~ K

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  1. Omg! Love these! Especially the last two! Max is going to be such a great big brother and will help keep the house in order ;) lol