Friday, 3 February 2017

Valentines fun for your littles

We are in full blown Valentine's crafts and activities mode over here! I am guilty of always starting a littttle too early on celebrating holidays, but whatever, there aren't any rules right!? 

What I typically do is screenshot what I find on Pinterest, and then I make a list of the materials I don't have. I make a trip to the dollar store (because they have EVERYTHING) and then whenever I get get a free moment, I prep the activities ahead of time. This makes it super easy for mornings or afternoons where I need a quick filler (because the boy with the mountain of toys is wandering aimlessly around the house.. go figure). I sit him down and everything is ready to go. Right now I have a Valentine's discovery bin ready to go and a tray of pink glittery playdough with various shapes of heart cutters. 

So far we have made an heart wreath (Max glued the wreath and stuck on the hearts) and an alphabet letter recognition activity. This was a huge hit. We also used marbles (make sure they are the heavy marbles) to paint hearts. Max loved watching the marbles jump around the aluminum pan. 

For Max's Valentines for his preschool buddies I am using a ton of plastic dinosaurs I have left over from his birthday cupcakes (after soaking them in boiling water to clean). I haven't finished them yet, but here is the Pinterest pic I worked off of. The printable was free on the blogger's page. If you follow me on Instagram you will see my finished product in the next few days. I also made two special Valentines for Max's buddy and his baby sis because they are extra special to us :)

And for your viewing pleasure, a couple decor pictures :)

In other news, the other day we had enough snow fall to cover the front lawn. Max and I went outside during the babe's nap for some fresh air. If you have any squirt bottles laying around (or find them at the dollar store), coloured water seems to be a huge hit with littles!! He emptied them quickly but he had fun while it lasted!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!

~ K

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