Sunday, 26 March 2017

It's Easter basket time!!! ... insert fireworks

Even more than stuffing stockings, filling Easter baskets is my thang. I can't even accurately describe why I love doing this so much, I just do, and that's it. 

So can you imagine my excitement when this year I got to fill not one but TWO baskets!!!!??? Cue the marching band! 

Okay so here's the breakdown. Two boys... one will be almost one year old by Easter this year and the other will be just a few months over three years of age. 

Let's start with the babe. I find buying anything for him difficult because I'm trying not to live in clutter and "things" and we already have a lot of toys and books because of our first child. #secondchildproblems. Overall though, I think I was able to come up with a unique basket for my little Mace. 
- Colourful eggs- will be filled with plain cherrios just before Easter. 
- New book! We love this collection of books.. really fun. 
- Squeaky eggs.. developmentally appropriate and festive too!
- Stuffed lamb. Max received a bunny for his first Easter but I could not pass up this sweet little friend. 
- puffs.. because sorry Mace, chocolate is not in your diet yet. You poor poor little boy. It's a staple in mine ;)
- BUBBLES.. because.. they're amazing and fun. 
- the cuuuuutest swim trunks with cactus's on them and a cute little tee. Both from Target. 
- rubber ducky- because I recently threw out all of our rubber spray bath toys. Cut one of yours open and you will be disgusted. I made a silent promise to myself to throw ours out every six months. 
- a soccer ball.. because the boy LOVES chasing after rolling balls. 

... and for my cute little 3 year old..
... bare with me, I went overboard :/
- fun toy measuring tape (toys r us)
- pineapple collared t-shirt, bunny/glitter bouncy ball and robot wooden lacing shapes (Target- dollar section for the last two items)
- Land Before Time DVD (his dad's favourite childhood movie)
- Bob the Builder story and sticker book (he LOVES these, we have done probably four other ones so far), bunny straw and chalk holder (dollarama)- he broke SO much sidewalk chalk last year so this is amazing
- egg chalk and bubble bat (Wal-Mart)- I CANNOT wait to see the bubbles this thing produces!!!
- carrot geometric puzzle and sticker book (Micheals) 
- a little bit of chocolate and soccer eggs (for jelly beans)

And there you have it! I hope that this provided you with one or two ideas for your littles and that you have as much fun filling your little's Easter baskets as much as I do :)
.. and also here are a couple of fun Spring/Easter craft and decor ideas 

~ K

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