Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Little balls of joy

For the last two months I have been working on something that I am SO excited to share. For those of you who have followed me for a while you know that I love creating and crafting. For some time now I have been dreaming of opening an ETSY shop to share this love. After brainstorming with a dear friend of mine I decide to share my love of felt poms, and as a result Kindred Design Company was born!! I started with Pom garlands and it quickly expanded to making baby mobiles and wall banners. Guys, I am having SO much fun with this. It has been the little extra something I needed for myself. I have already met some pretty sweet ladies in the process and having others share in my excitement when I post a new item just give me all the good feels :)
So check out my ETSY shop or follow me on Instagram at Kindred Design Company! 

In other news I am back to work full-time so my time to do my own thing is even more limited, but I will always hop on here every so often to update and share new fun things we are doing. I totally lived it up with the boys before I went back to work, making sure we saw all of our buddies for play dates and did lots of fun summer outings. Max and I went strawberry picking we went for mid-afternoon ice cream cones, we visited the library and parks galore.

 I can honestly say I had the best time with my little boys before heading back to the busy world of being a full-time workin’ mama outside the home. Luckily, the transition from being with my 24/7 to being without me for the most of the week has gone well. The boys are doing so well in their care giving settings which have allowed me to ease back to work without the stress and anxiety I had when I started imagining how it would go a few months back.  Yay!!
For you crafty mamas, here are a few summer crafts we did before the craziness started!
Alphabet Ice Cream Sprinkles
I found these adorable printables from Max LOVED this activity, likely because he was allowed to eat sprinkles before noon ;)

Give them some glitter glue and poms and let them go nuts! I love crafts that have simple supplies but keeps them busy for a while.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Max and one of his little friends had a ball running along a nature path searching for treasures to put in their bags. This also encouraged them to look around them and explore different parts of nature, as opposed to following on my heels and asking when snack time was :)

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