Sunday, 18 January 2015

My happy place

When I was little I loved to make crafts. Homemade cards, picture frames, iron on plastic beads, you name it. Every so often my mom would have to purchase a new, larger plastic tote just to house all of the materials I had gathered. I would be in my room for hours creating.

During my teenage and early adult years I did little crafting. I suppose I was preoccupied with other activities. Looking back I think that I lacked creative juices as well. Enter Pinterest. Since discovering this website I feel as though I am returning to my childhood. The joy of creating has returned to my life, and I have had so much fun over the past few years, gaining inspiration and ideas from fellow crafters.

After picking my hobby back up, I needed a space in our home to store the materials that I was quickly acquiring. When we had moved in to our home, the previous owner had left a peg board in the basement. I painted it a bright teal and bought a package of hangers from Home Depot. There were lots of different variations of hangers included in the kit. I cut a piece of doweling to serve as a ribbon holder, and I used three large soup cans covered in scrap booking paper to store pens, markers, paint brushes, and glue sticks.
I used to keep gift bags in an under-the-bed tote, but I always was forgetting what I had and then would end up buying more. So my solution was to organize the bags in canvas totes by size and holiday. I find this to be much more functional. Other items on the board are those items I use too frequently to have them stored away; scissors, glue sticks, stamp pads, etc. I feel as though this picture does not do it justice. It appears to be a little chaotic but I promise it looks tidier in person :)

I keep all of my thank you cards and random envelopes in a galvanized bucket (far left) on top of my scrap booking paper/felt tote. I always keep my scraps no matter how small for future projects. I have two storage totes, one small desk top one that houses my stamps, and the other larger tote that stores the majority of my crafting materials.

Along the left side of my crafting desk I have mini mason jars full of buttons, assorted by colour. 
Besides my spool of ribbons, I would have to say this is my favourite part of this space.

I covered a bulletin board in fabric and secured it with hot glue. I also secured a few pieces of ribbon along the bottom sides so I could store various odds n' ends. On this board I keep stickers, stencils, and left overs from previous events. I also have keepsakes on the board and remind me of happy times. 

This week Max has needle 2/3 of his one year immunizations, and he will be going to daycare for a half day and then full day. Last week at daycare he took a nap mid morning in the playpen right in the play room. I could not believe it!! He would never sleep in noise like that at home!! Bananas!! Oh, and then on Friday he grabbed the carbon monoxide detector at the children's library and set it off. Needless to say we were the loudest in the library. If he keeps this up at story time, Max may go down in history as being the youngest kid to be banned from the library ;) 

This Thursday I will get to take him to the gross motor drop in one last time. It is my favourite place to take him :)

I hope everyone has a super week!!
Thanks for stopping by :)

~ K