Friday, 30 January 2015

Happy heart month!

I love decorating for Valentine's day. Seeing hearts all over our living and dining room make the spaces even more filled with love!

I like to keep things pretty simple. I have my staples that I always put up and then I usually add one or two new DIY decorations. 

This decoration was super easy. I removed the glass from a picture frame that I am not using at the moment, along with some twine and scrap booking paper. I think that it took me about 10min to make, and look how cute it is!

The heart garland is from the dollar store and the LOVE sign was made from scrap felt, glitter tape (from the dollar store) and a piece of card stock.

I am loving the teepee even more now after having the light bulb moment to include it in the decorations. I hung a dollar store decoration off of the top posts. Max's play space needs to be festive too right!? ;)

I always include coloured paper straws in my holiday decor. We drink lots of smoothies so having these out on the table is handy. My mom's friend is a talented quilter. She recently made her a table runner for every holiday! My mom let me borrow this gorgeous runner for the month.

This is probably my favourite part of my Valentine's Day decor.  All it took was grey yarn, and pink and red felt!


Chalkboards are another staple of my holiday decor. I like having a few chalkboards because I can decorate them differently each year as my tastes change.

 Two words... buttons / canvas. BOOM. Cost $2. I have this sitting on an easel, on the ledge just inside our front door to greet visitors.

Highlighting our wedding picture, a heart garland and cinnamon hearts. yum, yum, yum!

Last year I purchased this printable and put it in one of the frames I had lying around. I have included the link!

At risk of sounding about 40 years older, I love festive dishtowels. There I said it. I may or may not have a tupperware container full of them, and I may or may not have made it my mission on our out-East trip two years ago to find one as a souvenir. (It has a lobster on it.. hehe).

I don't have too many activities planned for V day. I bought Max a package of robot valentines for his daycare friends (Valentine, I'm nuts and bolts about you), and I love this idea of heart shaped fruit kabobs. I am going to wait until next year to make Max a felt envelope to hold his Valentines.

This month will be a busy one for sure. I head back to work full-time on Monday. Max has been enjoying daycare which is a huge relief, and I will be counting down the days to family day. My better half works a 12 hr that day but Max and I are going to visit the local pool for a swim. We have two birthdays to celebrate this month and I will be preparing for my hub's 30th poker party that is happening in early March.. a small gathering of his poker buddies! On a very exciting note, we are also starting basement renos in the next couple of weeks. Max will have his very own playroom and mommy will have.... wait for it... her very own finished laundry room!!! Eeks.. I can't wait to put my Pinterest "laundry room" board to use!! Oh the possibilities!! :)

Happy early Valentine's Day lovers!!!!

~ K


  1. Love your Vday decorations. You put LBG to shame with your creativeness and chalkboards.
    I may or may not also have a festive tea towel obsession ;)

  2. Lol Ashley.. Did you just compare me to LBG!? ummm.. that may be one of the nicest compliments EVER! 😊 thank you xx