Friday, 13 March 2015

Dreaming of easter baskets

My memories from last year's Easter are really special. Since Max was born in the middle of winter, and my parents and brother's family live in different towns than us, it was pretty much impossible to get my family together to celebrate his birth and also the birth of my niece who was born six weeks before Max. So last year's Easter was the first time we were all together under one roof. It was so much fun and so cute to see the cousins together.  

 I tend to go a tad overboard when it comes to filling Max's Easter basket. Wait. Let me back up. It all started when I first went a tad overboard when purchasing his Easter basket. It is pretty massive. But it's perfect :) I have a feeling when Max is older to start taking stock, I will bring it down a few notches. I don't want him to be too spoiled. But for now I will continue on with the fun of filling his basket to the brim :)

This year I have lots of fresh ideas for his basket. I love the spring vibe it has. This spring will be so much fun as Max will get to explore outside... a whole new room to him! Whenever a door is open in our home that we typically have closed to keep him out of, he will look around the room with a look on his face as if it is something new and fantastic.

So here is this year's Easter Basket list. Most of these ideas can be good for the little princesses too :)

- rubber boots for puddle jumpin' (from Carters)
- adorable miniature pinwheel to hold in the wind outside during wagon rides (Superstore)
- bubble wand (from Superstore) tested out at by daddy at the dinner table tonight.. it was a HIT
- Sassy Grow with me Cups (Amazon)
- large plastic sailboat for the bath tub/summer pool from Superstore (I have been looking for one of these forever!!!)
- Babiators (amazon)
- super adorable backback to take to daycare (Amazon)
- plastic carrots (dollarama) filled with gold fish crackers
- plastic eggs filled with plain cheerios
- Kinder Egg Bunny (this is the only chocolate he will have in his basket, and I decided to go with something that was thin as opposed to a thick brick of chocolate. I figured this would be easier for him to eat). 
- Melissa and Doug puzzle 
 Yes, I know a little much. But he's just such a good little guy and deserves it all ;) What will you be putting in your little one's Easter Basket that is special and fun? I'd love to know!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. The first weekend with 'explore outside weather' this year! Oh and my 30th birthday weekend too! Eeks! :)

~ K

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