Sunday, 8 March 2015

Poker and perogies

Tomorrow is my husband's 30th. Since I will be working, most of his celebrations were this weekend, with my fam, his fam and on Friday night with a few of his poker playing buds.

I do not play poker, and I know pretty much nothing about the game. So planning a poker game was interesting to say the least. For awhile now, I have been asking him random sneaky questions to figure out the max. number of guys I could invite, how many chips I would need, etc, etc. I ended up having way to big of a list of guys, so I had to trim it down. I ended up inviting the guys I knew were poker fanatics like my hubby.

One of his fav. junkie foods is perogies. I have never made them homemade, we just buy the ones from the grocery store which are nothing to special. So when I found out about a local business that makes a variety of homemade perogies, a party theme was born; poker and perogies!!!

The business is called OB1 Perogie. I bought three different flavours; Nacho, Pizza and Potato Cheddar. Of course I added some "fixins" ... nothing too special, just some sour cream, hot sauce and bacon bits. They were soooo yummy. The potato cheddar were my fav. We will definitely be buying these again.  We also had pizza from his favourite local family run pizzeria, Giresi's.

Later on in the night I brought out cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes of course, but special poker themed cupcakes ;)

I rented a poker table from the local rent-all, which ended up smelling very strongly of gasoline. But have no fear, hubby called them and we got a discount from the price. Rightfully so, since it stunk up our basement pretty bad. 

  Everyone was able to make it, and by the sounds of their laughter and chatter they all enjoyed themselves. My hubby very much dislikes being the center of attention, and he somewhat cursed me for surprising him with this idea, but when it was all said and done he had fun :)

Happy Dirty Thirty to my love and the best daddy ever!!!

 Super fun birthday lawn decor thanks to Lawn Ninjas!!

~ K

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