Thursday, 10 September 2015

Daddy issues

Okay, so we have an issue. You will laugh, but for me it is a tad awkward and somewhat embarrassing. But I will share so you can have a giggle at my expense ;) 

Last weekend while Max and I were up north visiting my parents, Max referred to my Dad as "dada." This is what he calls his own Dad. We thought maybe he was trying to say "Grandpa" so we went with it, allowing him to point at my Dad and say "dada" all weekend. We return home on Sunday and then on Tuesday I took the day off work to visit a close girlfriend, her hubby and sweet (and most adorable baby girl ever!!) who was in town for the week. As soon as Max laid eyes on my friend's husband he pointed to him and exclaimed "dada!" Now, it would have been cute if he said it once or twice and then stopped after being corrected, that no, that's not dada, that's Eric, and your dada is at work, except he continued to point at him and say it over, and over and over and over again. Even when the poor guy left the room Max started searching for him immediately yelling dada!! dada!! It got old real quick.. lol.. for me at least. 

Fast forward to today... I pick him up from daycare and take him to the post office. A middle aged man looks at Max and gives him a nice smile. What do you think Max did!? Of course, to the gentleman's surprise, Max pointed to the man and exclaimed "dada!" Insert me melting into the cement floor from embarrassment as the man said to him "oh no, no" and then looked at me and smiled.. OMG dying. 

 So it's official.. Max has daddy issues and thinks everyone is his dada. Makes mama look real classy ;) Especially when I told my MIL tonight and she pointed out the coincidence of us being in the post office and how Max must then truly be the "post man's baby" Hardy-har-har. I'm sure this is the first of many times Max does or says something out in public that I turn bright red over.. he defiantly  keeps me on my toes that little boy :)

Now on a more serious note.. the reason we were at the post office today.. to pick up Max's Old Navy order :) :) A few fall essentials..

It's always fun picking out clothes for the upcoming season. It's hard to believe I am buying 3T shirts already! Happy Fall shopping!

 On a final note, thank you to my friends who sent me messages about my last post. It is always nerve wracking putting your emotions out there for everybody and anyone to read so I appreciate the positive feedback.. I have the most amazing girlfriends :)

~ K

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