Wednesday, 30 September 2015

October I'm in love

Yippee!! It's my favourite month as of tomorrow. Don't ask me why it's my favourite month, there is just something so warm and cozy about it.. especially before the craziness of Christmas season starts in November! Plus you have TWO holidays in one month! It doesn't get much better than that! We don't have many plans for this month other than meeting up with friends at a pumpkin patch, taking Max to a fall fair and getting Max on skates for the first time. We are going to look at used skates this weekend.. eeks I'm so excited!

Last year I blogged about the Fall / Halloween crafts I have made in the past, so be sure to check out that post for some easy ideas and inspiration for decorations around your home. I didn't add anything new this year, I just switched up some of my arrangements. Although, I was super excited to go on Pinterest and see that a friend had pinned a decoration idea that I had already thought of ON MY OWN. Seriously, this rarely happens. Mind you, it was only stacking a bunch of pumpkins in a glass vase.. but still.. to me it was a milestone ;)

I am going to try to make some of the fun Halloween inspired snacks and foods for Max this month that I have pinned on Pinterest. I also need to start gathering supplies for Max and his daddy's Halloween costume.. they are going as a duo and wait till you see it.. it's going to be too funny. Last year I bought a Halloween themed Mr. Potato Head set on clearance for pumpkins. This will be perfect for Max to decorate his own pumpkin, or "ball" as Max refers to every pumpkin he sees. 

The bar cart was also given a festive overhaul! 

Daycare has the festive art work covered. This is what Max has brought home in the last two weeks. Just ignore the lopsided / missing eye-balls.. we have a little issue with ripping them off of the picture with our mouths... this is Max's issue, not mine ;)

I finally busted out the Halloween PJs tonight.. here is my little glow in the dark festive babe. He doesn't stay still for long these days, so we have a lot of photos with blurry spots.. I think it is too cute.

Happy October everyone!

~ K

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  1. Finally get to see Max!! It's been too long. Love the pj's. Where are they from?