Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmasey Nursery!

It's Friday morning. I drove to town early this morning during Max's nap so we could make the story time at our local library. I am sitting in the parking lot of one of our city's parks. I am listening to Taylor Swift (the Wonderland track to be exact), drinking a mocha (I highly recommend the new dark hot chocolate from Tims) and listening to the sweet sounds of my snoring baby in the backseat. Life is good and I can't complain, even though I have a crappy cold.

Now that I am working two days a week I am trying to make the most of my days off with Max and expose him to new environments where there's other children, knowing that in two and a half months from now he will be going to daycare three days a week. I know it will be good for him, but it still makes me sad to think about. Max is 10.5 months old now and his personality is really starting to shine. He is an observer when he's in a new environment. He likes to sit back and take it all in and he sometimes get upset when other babies make loud noises or if they get in his space too much. He has been getting a lot better with this in the past couple of weeks. He is a sweet and funny little boy and he loves to be at home in his own space.

His own space.. our home. I'm sure many of you will agree with me when I say that our home is our sanctuary. It contains items that hold valuable meaning from our childhoods, memories new and old , and it is where my family lives... the most important thing to me in the world. For years before I had Max I was obsessed with nurseries, wondering what my baby's nursery would end up looking like. I knew this space would be so important to me. Some people don't make much use of their nursery, some don't even have a nursery, but for me I knew we would spend a lot of time in that room and make memories together. I'll never forget the day we brought Max home from the hospital and I fed him and his nursery for the first time. As I rocked him in the rocking chair that belonged to my great aunt who means the world to me, I looked over at our maternity pictures that I had hung on the wall and I couldn't help but start crying. As I looked down at Max  I came to the realization that the baby boy who I had fell in love with the moment I set eyes on was the same baby I had carried inside of me for 41 weeks. I remember looking down at him and saying with surprise "oh my gosh that was you in there." It was the unreal feeling I had ever experienced.

I have gotten a little side tracked. Apparently T.S. and am caffeine makes me nostalgic. My point being that a nursery can be a very special place for a family. Everyone who knows me knows that love decorating for the holidays and Max's nursery is no exception. So, today I share with you some quick and easy ideas to make your nursery festive.. and let's be honest some of these things are not for Max, they are for me. We spend a lot of time in his nursery and seeing decorations in his room make me happy.

Every season I have hung something new from the mirror that hangs above the change table. In the summer we had a string of cocktail umbrellas (I know so appropriate right!?) In the fall we had a string of fall leaves, and yesterday I hung up a string of Christmas light bulbs. Max loves looking up at them during diaper changes and banging them against the mirror when he's getting dressed.

I found a package of monogrammed stockings at our local dollar tree and I scattered them throughout the room.

Window gels are cheap and fun for older babies to squish with their fingers. WARNING extreme supervision is required with these. The little letter "I" went missing from our trick or treat window sticker. It could have easily been thrown away by accident, and it has yet to come out from a specific end... but nonetheless every time he has a coughing spell I shutter and think "it's the letter I!" Hence why this one is up high.
#parentfail #ifeltliketheworstmotherever

We read a ton of books every day and so Christmastime gave me an excuse to buy more books for my babe. We like board books, books with flaps and touch and feel books. My white shelves from IKEA and they are very sturdy. Max will use them to stand and pull on them hard and they aren't going anywhere.

If you follow me on Instagram you will be in for a treat on Dec. 1st. The nursery will be sporting a mini Christmas Tree. It is taking everything in me not to put it up three weeks ago. If you don't follow me send a request! My Instagram is Kimmieflo. 

In the next couple of weeks I will be blogging about our attempt at making a teepee for Max. This is going to be one of his gifts from Santa. Wish us luck.. we will need it.

~ K


  1. Where is the little stick deer from? Love how festive you are!! I love to decorate every room for the season as well!

  2. Thanks Ash! The deer decoration was from home sense!