Thursday, 13 November 2014


came across an article some time ago that spoke about family traditions.The article spoke about how tradition teaches children what makes their family special and unique. The article went on to say that when life gets in the way and changes inevitably occur, traditions stay the same and offer stability and comfort. I fully believe in this.

Growing up we had one television, located in the basement. Mealtime was always in our dining room on the main floor, so unless we were having a snack we never ate in front of the television except on special occasions. Every December when the Toronto Santa Claus parade was on TV we would get to eat our dinner on TV tables in the basement. I cannot tell you how exciting and special that Sunday was to me every "oh my gosh we don't own any TV tables!!!" TV tables are now officially 'on my radar' ;) 
Another special tradition we had was hanging are 'name bulbs' on the Christmas tree. The bulbs came from the Christmas store Bronners in Frankenmuth. My in-laws were there this past summer and picked up a special bulb for our tree this year. I can't wait to hang it. 

Since Max is still pretty little some of the traditions I hope to have, will have to wait for another year... like Elf on the Shelf, decorating Christmas cookies and decorating the tree while listening to the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas record (ALVIN!!!!!!) to name a few, but I do have a few ideas up my sleeve for this year. 

Festive cookie cutters are everywhere you look now. I picked up a snowman for under a dollar to use to stamp his toast.

Giving back to our community and neighbors is something that I want to instill in our children. I plan on making a trip to the Humane Society with Max in December. Since he loves his kitty and doggy I think this is fitting. 

There are so many great ideas on Pinterest for fun and simple gifts. Max and I are going to make Clementine wreaths for our neighbors this year and deliver them in the wagon. I'm sure he will thoroughly enjoy playing with the noisy cellophane. 

When I was little my Dad's work put on a Christmas party for the families. You know the Voortman holiday cookies.. the ones that dye your mouth red or green and sprinkle balls go flying everywhere when you bite into them!? They always had them there. Funny how you remember small details like that. I am hoping to take Max to both parties our workplaces are putting on this year.. and of course he already has festive shirts to wear to both :)

Visiting Santa Claus. I used to think putting a baby on a strange man's lap  was somewhat cruel.. I mean ... you can barely see his face!! I don't think Max is going to do well with his given his temperament. But I can't help myself. I'll say sorry to him in advance ;) At least he won't have to face it alone. My girlfriend has a baby girl who was born the day before Max. They will be visiting that weekend so we decided it would be the most entertaining thing to do together. 

I would love to hear your unique and fun traditions that are important to you from your childhood or ones you enjoy doing now as an adult! 

I leave you with Max's first encounter with snow this am :)

~ K

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