Saturday, 8 November 2014

On my radar!

Today I am sharing some inspiration for the upcoming holiday season, along with a couple of fun things I am currently loving and dreaming of.
1)     I LOVE barn board. My brother and sister-in-law have a shed in their backyard full of loose pieces. Next spring they are transforming the shed into a play house.. so guess who will be coming into some B.B… that’s right. Oh the possibilities!!! I have a vision of a sign for our downstairs bathroom that names the past streets we have lived on, as well as the street names of our immediate family. I saw something similar at Winners years ago and it has stuck with me.

2)      I feel as though birch and barn board go hand in hand. I found these fun ornaments that involves two of my favourite things.. birch and stamps. For the past two years I have had this arrangement in my living room for the holidays and will be bringing it back in the next couple of weeks.

3)      Buttons, buttons, buttons! I am loving everything buttons right now. Currently I am working on a series of Christmas tags. Holly, snowmen, Christmas balls, trees and wreaths. They are absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to attach them to my loved one’s gifts this year :) Stay tuned for a post on this easy and adorable craft.

4)      Number balloons- these are so fun. I am starting to dream up Max’s first birthday party. The theme will be “How Time Flies” and it will involve lots of red and navy and airplanes. These balloons would look great beside his highchair and the entrance of the room.

5)      T.S. 1989- I like to turn my music up l.o.u.d. when I’m in the car by myself. I don’t think I have ever been drawn in by an entire CD. So far it’s 1-8 for me and the list continues to grow. She has out done herself.

6)      Birdcage umbrellas- this has made my Christmas list this year. I think these are so adorable. I envision walking down the streets of England when I think about carrying one of these. Too cute.

I hope this post has inspired you :)

~ K

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