Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Chocolate coma

I need someone to remove the chocolate from my home. Seriously. 
I also made the mistake of bringing a massive bag of mini eggs to work for my desk. Today I took them out while I was trying to multi-task, doing about four different things at once. Before I knew it I think I ate over half the bag. But they tasted oooh so good .. oh well ;)

We had a super fun Easter with Mr. Max. He loved his Easter basket which I was pleasantly surprised about. I thought he might still be too young to care, but oh my goodness you should have seen the smirk on his face when he saw his loot!!! It was freakin' adorable, and he made his mama oh so happy :)

I definitely should have re-thought the plastic carrot eggs filled with cheerios. Once he eyeballed those in his basket it was game over. I am still finding random stale cheerios in crevices I didn't know existed in our living room.

On Monday we were lucky enough to be all home together. We took Max to the park, where he went down the slide a gazillion times. It was so cute. He loved it and giggled every time he went down.

This week I am off work Friday so we are heading to the library for story time. I doubt he will be able to contain himself to sit and listen with the group.. but we will make the attempt. I will be the one who is up and down a million times wrangling the crazy 15 month old boy ;) Then on Saturday we are starting parent and tot swimming! We have not been since Max was about 11 months, so I think his kicking and splashing will be on a whole new level now. I am anticipating getting soaked. It is so worth it though :)

I hope everyone is having an easy week back after the holiday weekend. Hang in there.. warmer weather is just around the corner now!!!

~ K

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