Thursday, 16 April 2015

Snuggles, speeding and self-reflecting

Tonight is one of those nights… since returning to work I’ve only had one of these nights once before. It involves me wanting desperately to climb in to Max’s crib and cuddle with him until I fall asleep. These nights seem to come when I have had to work late and the day has been a long, emotionally exhausting one. Unfortunately on both of these nights my husband has been MIA. Tonight he is playing poker, ah the life ;) Tonight I unexpectedly had to work until seven, so my husband had to pick Max up from daycare and take him to his parents, and I picked him up from there. I then went through Tim’s drive through to buy dinner. I had not eaten since noon, so I indulged in a Tuscan sandwich, sprinkle donut and large chocolate milk. I had planned on waiting until we got home to eat but somehow by the time we pulled in the driveway there were only crumbs left .. yum. We passed on bath time tonight so we could have extra time together playing. Max loves to be chased. After crawling around on my knees until he grew tired of the game, we headed upstairs for story time. Max is great at bedtime. We are lucky. I know this. He falls asleep easily and loves to cuddle with his blankets. I then shut his door and immediately missed him already.

Being back to work is hard. I like my job and like having a career but man, there are some days, especially like today when I drop him off at 8am and see him at 7pm I’m like WTF, this is insane. It is necessary obviously because we need to put food on the table so to say, but jeez it’s hard some days. Lately at work I have been completing a lot of training, which has me self-reflecting all over the place. While I think it is so important to self-reflect and constantly work on yourself, at the same time it can be overwhelming and exhausting. I like to see myself as a work in progress towards the best version of me. At the same time in my work I am exposed every day to people and families who are struggling to get through each day, and it is my job to support them and help them to see their strengths and believe in themselves. Do you see where I am going with this? It can be difficult when you are working on yourself to be that rock for others. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be that person for people, but at the end of my day sometimes it leaves me feeling like I’ve got nothing left. Poor husband :S So what is a girl to do. Live for the weekends. I don’t think I have ever loved the weekends as much as I do now. Don’t let anyone hear this, but  doing the dreaded Saturday groceries doesn’t even look that annoying on this Thursday night. 

So to you working moms, you are not alone. Watch videos of your babes on breaks, go buy them a cute shirt on your lunch (h-e-l-l-o retail therapy) and drive a little faster (but don’t get caught) on your way home from work to get some extra play time in. Oh, and don’t forget TGIF!!

I hope everyone has an easy work day tomorrow whether you are in an office, out on the road or a mama who has the privilege of being a stay at home mama :)



  1. It's post's like these that make me reflect and be thankful for 'those days' I have with my kiddos at home. Makes me remember 'Mamma said there'd be days like this..'
    Keep your chin up, it's not quantity it's quality of that precious time with babes.
    Also, cute necklace!
    Miss our play dates.

  2. Thanks so much Ash, I will :) We miss our play dates too. Xx

  3. What a beautiful post. So true.