Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter happenings

We are in full Easter and Pinterest mode at our house!!!

Last weekend we shared Easter cupcakes with our friends and family. My husband made a rare appearance on our weekly trip to the grocery store so he was given the exclusive privledge of choosing the cake for the cupcakes. He chose confetti cups of course... they never realllly grow up ;) But I will admit it was a good choice.. they were sooo yummy!
 (how long do you think it took me to pick out all orange and green M&Ms from the bin).. yes I'm that person.

This week Max took Easter treats to his friends and daycare and I made treats for my office mates at work, and Max's daycare provider. I have had these pinned forever and was excited to finally have the chance to make them. I had everything needed to make them already in my craft supply, so I only needed to buy the treats for inside. A very inexpensive, but super cute gift. And while I was at bulk barn picking up chocolate eggs for the mason jars I was also able to pick up the frosting baggies to make the goldfish cracker carrots. Again, I had the crackers and ribbon in my home already so another inexpensive gift for the little one's in your lives :) Makes a great addition to an Easter basket or an alternative for the toddler on your list who is not quite eating chocolate yet.

Max was a lucky boy this week and received a special card in the mail. He has had fun opening and closing it while he waits for his meals. He has also playing with a basket of plastic eggs this past week. He will fill up his basket and then shake it hard until they all come flying out and land on the ground.. and repeat.... a million times.
And of course, our chalkboards are festive and we have put out our fireplace mantle bunny banner (scrap booking paper cut in the shape of bunnies with cotton balls tails) and our framed bunny silhouette that I made last year.

I am very excited to give Max his Easter basket on Monday. I can picture him sporting his new shades while stomping through puddles in his new yellow rubber boots :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend spending time with your loved ones :)

~ K


  1. Where did you get the cute white cake stand (with lack ribbon)??
    Love your decorations!!!

  2. Winners!! Many moons ago :) But I'm sure they'll have something similar come back at some point!