Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Your mid-week giggle

For the last couple of months we have been finishing the lowest level in our home. My husband had plans for a "man cave" but of course... this has changed since our little guy entered the picture. It was not too long ago that he cringed at the thought of the space being "kid friendly" but now he cannot wait to smack pucks around with Max in the new toy room. Sometimes I wonder who enjoys playtime more ;)

We are at the final stages now, painting and installing the flooring. After that my imagination will take me away and I will start to decorate! Yay! The painting process has been sloooow. It is a big job and I am doing it myself, so I have been doing a little bit here and there when I have the time. For those of you that follow my Instagram (@kimmieflo) I posted a picture of a bunch of paint chips a couple of months ago. I did go with these colours in the end, and I painted a striped accent wall on the back wall of the room. This picture makes the paint job appear crooked. I promise it is straight. I must have used the level a gazillion times to make sure. I am pleased with the result :) The other walls are light grey which really makes this wall pop!

Okay... so now the giggle portion of this post. I have been keeping this to myself for a couple of months now. It's embarrassing but at the same time friggen hilarious. So you know how I made the teepee for Max for Christmas. The one that I put so much time and effort and burned hot glue fingers into!? Well a couple of months ago when my husband was shoveling snow in the driveway and Max was napping, I decided for whatever reason to sit on our window ledge to watch him outside. Somehow :( I lost my balance while sitting on the ledge, and before I knew I was falling off the ledge. Guess what broke my fall? Yes, it was the teepee. It was like slow motion as I tried to get my barrings while all I could hear was pine snapping all over the place. Honestly, I felt like crying but I couldn't help but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this happening to me. So alas, the teepee has never been the same and is probably a safety hazard now. It is still strategically standing in the living room, but if it is even touched in the wrong way you better run for the hills because you are about to have a teepee on your head. So when you see the teepee in the finished basement post in the coming month(s) you can have a giggle to yourself knowing that it could kill us at any moment :) lol

and with that, I hope I made my readers smile today :)

~ K

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  1. Too funny! I'll have to make sure Elle wears a helmet when were over... The paint colors turned out great! Can't wait to see it xo